Oba Makama

His Royal Majesty, Oba (Dr) Hammed Adekunle Makama Oyelude (Tegbosun III) is the Olowu of Kuta Kingdom

He is the Permanent Chairman of the Supreme Royal Council of all Owu Obas & Chiefs in Yoruba land, (which consists of 43 Kingdoms of Owu Obas, with 17 First-Class Royal Fathers and 113 Chiefs and Magagis; of Kingdoms and Chiefdoms across, Osun, Oyo, Kwara, Ogun, Lagos; parts of Rebpublic of Benin, amongst others in diaspora). A First-Class Traditional Ruler and Member of the Osun State Council of Obas.

He was born in 1964 at Kuta. His parents were the direct descendants of the founder of Kuta Kingdom. Oba Makama ascended the throne of his forefathers on the 15th of September, 2012.

Personal Goals

To create an enabling envioronments for youths development in Kuta

To provide basic social amenities for the people of Kuta

To create a Modern Owu-Kuta Kingdom

To bring developments to Yoruba Land in general


According to the Quoran,"that which God writes on the forehead, thou will come to it". Whatever maybe the final verdict of history, there is a sacred conviction that the Olowu has come to the throne of Owu-Kuta Kingdom at a young age; saw the intrigues and problems that overwhemed soe of his predecessors; he took the bull by the horn and subdued them. On ascedndin the throne of his forefathers, he has united all the four (4) ruling houses together; a mission considered impossible in the past; and extended a Royal hand of fellowship to other illustrious Princes of the Ruling Houses. Having enhanced the progress of the Kingdom and given its stability, character and DIRECTION. He is indeed, the architect of innovation.

A King with great vision who created in his mind, the image of a modern Owu-Kuta Kingdom.

The Kingdom is benefiting more under his reign with great achievements. A notable developmental monument he initiated and achieved is the "Lt. Gen. TY Buratai Bailey Bridge" at Kuta, across Osun River, linking Ede.

He has receieved so many commendations with impressive testimonies of the impact and height he has attained.


The name Kuta according to oral tradition was derived from an incident that happened to Akindele and his wife. It was said before Akindele left Ipole in search of his domain with his wife and all instruments of an Oba, there was a terrible internal war among the people of Ipole during which so many brave Owus lost their lives. It was from this war that Akindele managed to escape alongside his pregnant wife. He thereafter congratulated himself by saying “Iku-Ta-Miti” which means “I escaped death”. This was later abbreviated to “Kuta”.

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